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Dixie Decker started completely broke, In fact she was bankrupt when she first started investing in real estate. But in 3 short years Dixie was able to go from broke real estate investing "wannabe" to running a multi-million dollar real estate investing business. 

Since then she has not only continued to grow her investing business but also she started sharing the simple investing strategy she pioneered that was responsible for her success.

She has helped hundreds of real estate investors across the united states increase their monthly passive cash flow with her methods. This FREE training class get's right down to the nitty gritty and shows you exactly how Dixie was able to go from bankrupt to millionaire in 3 short years.

Dixie has one of the best track records in the real estate investing industry and is highly sought after by top real estate investors to speak at their events and share her secrets

Dixie usually charges $6,000+ just to work directly with clients, but this training reveals the methods she uses to explode cashflow for FREE. Register now before this is taken offline for good.

"Increasing revenue by $8,700 / yr..."
We just fast tracked our retirement by increasing revenue by $8,700 a year with just one house, in a real estate niche that we knew absolutely nothing about, to now feeling completely comfortable tackling anything having to do with student rentals.
-Deb & John
"That is $108,000 net income for us!"
"...We are renting it at $800 a month per room [with a payment of $1200] and there are 9 rooms = $7200 gross income, Net income will be $6000 a month... we are secured for another 18 months... That is $108,000 net income for us!" 
 - Eric, Shari & Barry - Florida Stetson University
"Our passive income increased by $10,620 / yr"
"Leased for the next 18 months for a total of $1500/month... after mortgage taxes and insurance it leaves us a net cash flow of $885/month. Our passive income increased  by $10,620/yr"
- Mike & Deidre Bennett
100% FREE - Next Class Is Starting TODAY!
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